My work in helping people to learn and develop is based upon the careful and sensitive application of three fundamental ideas – appreciation, provocation and exposure.Appreciation-Provocation-Exposure



Appreciation is a very positive and optimistic idea, with plenty of richness of meaning. We appreciate things of beauty and worth. Assets can appreciate in value if they are carefully nurtured. If we appreciate another person, we recognise and esteem them for their special qualities or contributions. If we have a full appreciation of a situation or a set of circumstances we have an awareness of its subtleties and complexity, and are better able to respond and react to it.


Provocation is a similarly rich idea. It is about challenging people’s thinking, and stimulating them into action… to try something new. I help people to see the world from different perspectives, and I seek to provoke new thoughts and ideas, and perhaps new and different ways of behaving for those with whom I am working.


 Exposure might sound like a strange word to use in relation to learning and development, but it actually provides us with a useful way of thinking about growth and risk. We often learn by being exposed to new ideas, new situations and new experiences. Exposure can raise our profile, and we can become stronger and more resilient as a result of pushing at the boundaries of our ‘comfort zones’ and being properly aware of and exposed to potential risks… and the opportunities that often go with them.

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